Workflow automation
We all know that information management – especially for really big projects – is usually easier said than done. But our professionals make complicated projects with heaps of information a lot easier. We help our clients – and our colleagues working for them – to organize and automate information handling workflows within their project and we ensure that all the information is readily available for everyone that needs access. Workflow automation guarantees efficient and high quality projects: people work faster (less paper work) and make less mistakes (more quality control in subsequent and repetitive tasks). For instance, for one of our clients we digitalize all of the documents and drawings that building inspectors need, so they only need to take their tablet to an inspection. These same inspectors also use their tablet to sign the inspection off, so the next person in the chain knows the ball is in his court. The Center of Excellence can also help to design and implement workflow procedures for information management. This can save people from error prone conversations during project execution, because everybody speaks the same language.

Smooth analysis
Geoinformation systems also provide powerful tools for spatial analysis on a scenario basis. The Center of Excellence takes this one step further. We have extra tooling available that allows us to create dynamic scenario models, where changes in input (spatial impacts, costs, sustainability) and assumptions can be quickly analyzed under different scenarios. For example, we helped one of our clients with the draft of a complicated environmental report. Thanks to our tools – we integrated lots of extensive calculations in an automated workflow – the analysis of all the information went smoothly. We can also help with communicating the advantages and disadvantages of different scenarios with stakeholders in an interactive way.

Ultimately, The Center of Excellence not only streamlines information flows into work processes. We also present the results as maps, websites or online services, including those on telephones or tablets. We apply the latest web publishing technology, ensuring that the spatial information in projects is accessible online in a safe and secure way, so the information can readily be shared with colleagues, clients and stakeholders. A cloud based platform allows us to deliver these services anywhere on the planet. The only thing you need is an internet connection.